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I would like to use a product in exclusivity, is it possible ?

No. As mentionned in the TO BE NOTED paragraph of our licenses page, the products sold on are not destined to an exclusive use. For a personal request, please contact us with our contact form and we will consider your project.

Some inscriptions are visible on your photographs and a voice repeats “creative lune” over your musics and sounds. Are your products sold without these visual and sound disturbances?

Yes, of course. The creations you will download are ready for use without disturbances. The Creative Lune products are only protected by these disturbances, against theft, in their version of demonstration on our site. Also know that all the visible and audible products on are compressed to be the lightest possible. They are presented in a lower quality than the one you’ll receive, after your purchase. You might thus notice an improvement in the rendition quality as well for the image as for the sound.

I have purchased a product on your website for my professional use.
May I share it with a third party ?

No, except if the people concerned are, as well as you, part of the same entity holding a license of use for the product. As mentionned in the TO BE NOTED paragraph of our licenses page…

I am a marketplace manager and I would like to sell your products. Is it possible ?

No. We thank you for your proposal but we want to remain the unique and only seller of our work.

What am I authorized to do with the downloadable demonstration files available on the Music product page ?

You can only use it to test the music on your project. This file is proposed to you to help you make your choice and can never be, in any case, broadcasted. Of course, it can be presented to your client to allow you to show different versions of the project.

I am a creator, can I sell my own designs on your website ?

No. We’re sorry but Creative Lune is not an open marketplace, we only sell our creations.

What does the sign “<” (less-than) means when it’s present on certain visuals of the Music category ?

This sign is a visual indicator that allows you to quickly identify with one look that the music track is in the Logo / Jingle format and especially short.

I have some troubles downloading one of your products. Why ? What can I do ?

Our products are high resolution digital creations; this means that some files may be quite large. The download process depends on your material and your internet access. Unfortunetly, we can’t help you with that but we can advice you to try on another computer or with another connection if you can. Your products will always be available on your Creative Lune account.

Will my products always be available ? May I download them later ?

Yes. Your downloads will always be available on your Creative Lune account as well as in your orders e-mails. However, even if it seems unlikely, we take the right to change our content (as specified in terms & conditions). You would be warned but in order to avoid any problem, we advice you to download your product after purchase.

When I clic on “download the demo” in a musical product, a window opens, showing a player. What can I do to get the file ?

With some web browsers, the download does not start automatically. To get the file you just have to right click on the player that appeared and choose to save the demo on your computer.

I’ve bought a product but I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund, please ?

No. As explained in our terms & conditions, no refund is possible considering that it’s a digital product.

I got the wrong license. I’m about to order the good one, can I get a refund for my wrong purchase ?

Yes. We will proceed to the refund of the first order with a purchase coupon as soon as the second one is executed. It will obviously be required that it includes the same product under a different licence.

I’m really enchanted to have bought fom your site, I love your products !

Thank you ! We’re very happy you feel that way ! But… hum… that’s not a question.

Creative Lune being a french website, will the name of the purchased file match the one in english or will it be in french ?

For a matter of disc server organization we did not translate the name of the files you’ll download. Of course this doesn’t concern the same way the products only named in french and those named in english ( e. g. the music ) or existing in an english version ( e. g. greeting cards ). In these last cases the names will only be slightly different ( some pretty french words in it, not entirely in french ).

Remember, it’s just a file name, it has no incidence on the product characteristics inside the file, none. You can easily rename it if it’s more convenient for you !

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