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SOUNDS & NOISES Household & Various ■ DOWNLOADABLE ■

Discover our beautiful household recordings ready to integrate your beautiful projects from 1 € = High definition files Wav and Mp3 / electric coffee maker, old door and lock, creaking door, rain on a wooden deck, opening of a jelly jar, bamboo mobile in the wind, chairs on the floor, phone ringing, phone alarm, cellphone ring, vibrator, footsteps on leaves, microwave, ice in a glass, water in a glass, beer, bottle cap, party, event, clock ticking, hammer, typewriter, inkjet printer, airflow, musical box, fire in a garden, rain stick, electronic, computer, food, cooking, kitchen / Those recordings will illustrate your videos, documentaries and every multimedia projects ( videogames, websites … ) / They are available in 3 different using licenses for personal and commercial use.

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