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Plant images & Herbarium ■ DOWNLOADABLE ■ PRINTABLE

Discover our beautiful printable images of plants ready to integrate your beautiful projects from 3.5 € = High resolution elements available in Png on transparent background / floral, flowers, japanese, japan, leaves, leaf, trees, autumn, spring, nature, natural, wild, digital, maple, liquidambar, tulip tree, fig tree, lime, vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkin, watermelon, aubergine, cucumber, vegetal, garden, park, red, orange, pink, yellow, green / Those vegetal pictures are original leaves wich have been dried, flattened then digitized in high resolution in a way to carry out large size prints. Each illustration has been carefully separated on a transparent background in Png format, creating a fully customizable background.

This herbarium will illustrate your graphic designs, communication objects and decoration. It will work perfectly for stationery, wedding announcement, wrapping paper, natural branding and all kinds of home decor.

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